Desautel Browning Law is a leading law firm for representation before federal and state agencies, particularly before the R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC).

Our attorneys are adept at addressing all legal issues involving environmental law, ocean and coastal law, enforcement defense, and permitting. We have decades of combined experience representing clients on agency permitting processes, hearing matters, and notices of violation(s).

This includes representation on matters related to contamination and environmental remediation, ocean and coastal regulation, and natural resources.

Our clients rely on us to determine strategy, to meet their goals and to aim for speedy resolution of matters. We are confident in litigating these issues when necessary.

  • Years of experience representing individuals, businesses, and government agencies for permit approvals, regulatory compliance, notices of violation(s), and litigation of environmental and ocean and coastal issues.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of coastal and environmental laws and regulations, at both state and federal levels.
    • Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act
    • Coastal Zone Management Act and Federal Consistency
    • Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
    • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, or “Superfund”)
    • RIDEM’s Remediation Regulations, fishing and aquaculture permitting regulations, and stormwater, wetlands, and wastewater regulations
    • CRMC’s “Red Book” regulations and Assent requirements, as well as the various Special Area Management Plans (SAMPs) including the Ocean SAMP
  • Counsel for clients’ compliance with respect to air and water pollution, waste, and building/construction regulations.
  • Client representation as prosecutor and defense counsel before federal environmental agencies such as the EPA, NOAA, and Fish & Wildlife, as well as federal and state courts.
  • Legal counsel for regulatory permitting approvals for issues including: wetlands requirements, building in the coastal zone, sustainable fisheries and/or aquaculture, wastewater discharges, and environmental remediation.
  • Experience includes administrative hearings before the agencies; Superior Court trials, arguments, and hearings; Rhode Island Supreme Court appellate practice; and federal court practice.
  • Passion often brings success in any endeavor. The attorneys at Desautel Browning Law have been interested in, and passionate about, environmental and coastal issues for their entire careers, legal and otherwise. Our passion and enthusiasm for the law and experience is an invaluable tool.

    Our firm has taken on cases from smaller permitting processes to complex federal litigation, and everything in between. With the experience and vigorous enthusiasm of the attorneys on staff, your issue is sure to get thorough review, attention, and advocacy.

    To work with us through any hearings, violations, permit needs, and/or other representation processes before DEM and/or CRMC, please call Desautel Browning Law, at 401.477.0023, or click the link below to send us a message.

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