April 18, 20190

You probably know what a criminal attorney’s job is, even if you’ve seen them played on any of the popular television or Netflix dramas. But what about the job of a civil attorney? Like criminal lawyers, a civil attorney must advocate zealously for her client. Beyond that, though, criminal and civil lawyers have vastly different practices.

Oftentimes, clients receive a notification that they are being sued by another individual or the government in the context of environmental and land use law. Or, clients need a civil attorney to institute an action against another individual or corporate entity. Having an experienced trial lawyer is a must in any of these scenarios.

Civil attorneys can help with settling matters as well. There are several mediation options available to litigants in Rhode Island and some courts even mandate that the parties engage in mandatory settlement discussions. It’s the truth that not many cases actually make it to the trial stage.

The litigation process can be stressful, too. It’s important to have a lawyer on your side that does not get rattled and can handle themselves in any setting. A good civil attorney is adept at the discovery process, arguing and defending motions, and conducting a trial.

At the state agency level, a client can be either a defendant or an applicant for approval. Knowing the process and the regulations is imperative to a civil attorney at this level, on top of being a talented litigator. There are many nuances and land mines to navigate in an administrative venue. For example, the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council operates as both a state agency and as a council that votes on various matters. If you are appearing before either agency staff or the council, you want a civil attorney that has experience. The experience makes a world of difference!

The litigation process before the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is different than in the various state and federal courts. The rules of evidence apply, though to a lesser degree and in a varied form. You want a civil attorney that understands those complexities or you run the risk of losing on a technicality.

Both the federal and state courts in Rhode Island now require electronic filing of pleadings and other documents. Hiring a firm that offers legal staff adept at the electronic filing process is paramount. A lot of time can be wasted if legal staff doesn’t file materials correctly.

What else can civil attorneys provide their clients? Peace of mind, confidence, trust in a good outcome, and a solid investment, to name a few.

Whether the client is appearing before a state agency or Superior Court judge, Desautel Browning Law has the civil attorneys you need.

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