March 15, 20240

Environmental laws were enacted to protect our natural resources like water, minerals and endangered species and also to regulate certain businesses and industries that affect these resources. These businesses and industries are under obligation to monitor the impact of their activities on the environment to ensure that our ecosystem is protected and preserved.

If you own such a business or industry that is affected by environmental law, then you need to be well versed in environmental regulations. The best way to ensure compliance always is to hire the services of an environmental law attorney like Desautel Browning Law.

You need an Environmental Law Attorney if –

  • Your industry has caused or can cause environmental pollution.
  • You are involved in a business that needs to dispose hazardous material and/or waste.
  • You intend to build on, expand on, or transfer land.
  • Your business is likely to impact soil, groundwater, or air quality or is already affecting it.
  • You will use a large quantity of water or other natural resources for your business.

Here’s why you need an Environmental Law Attorney –

✔ Environmental laws are constantly changing and being upgraded. It is difficult to keep up with these ever-changing laws by yourself. In fact, some attorneys might not always be current with the newest trends in these laws. You therefore need an experienced and up-to-date Environmental Law Attorney that knows and follows the latest government environmental regulations.

✔ When you are constructing a new facility that will affect the environment, like an auto manufacturing plant or chemical plant, you need to obtain various government permits like hazardous material and/or waste permits, air permits, water discharge permits and other approvals and licenses. An efficient Environmental Law Attorney can help you through the complexities of procuring these permits, approvals, and licenses from the right regulatory agencies.

✔ In the face of the constant changes and upgrading in environmental laws, keeping up can be a daunting task. Your business must comply with the new laws. It may also be that you are upgrading your business from one level to the other. You need your Environmental Law Attorney to direct you in coming up with new plans that will help your business stay in line with the new laws.

✔ From time to time, communities and neighborhoods around your business area may challenge you as a pollution source or not complying with law or regulation. It may or may not involve a legal battle, but either way, you need the expertise of an Environmental Law Attorney to advocate for your business.

✔ If you have been accused by government agencies of violating environmental laws and regulations, you need a good Environmental Law Attorney to defend you. If it warrants settlement negotiations, your Attorney can also be of great assistance.

✔ An Environmental Law Attorney can also provide you with the necessary advice and information concerning environmental regulations and how they affect your business.

✔ When you need to apply for the use of natural resources like water, you stand a better chance of obtaining approval when you are working with a competent Environmental Law Attorney.
Desautel Browning Law is an experienced team of Environmental Law Attorneys that has successfully handled a multitude of environmental cases.

If you need assistance or want more information about how an environmental law attorney can help you, call us at 401.477.0023 or email: help@desautelesq.com.

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