March 18, 20240

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely searching for information on the most current and best environmental law and regulation. Corporations and individuals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are strictly governed in terms of operations, activities, and practices that have the potential to impact the state’s natural resources. The principle behind environmental law and regulation is to prevent environmental pollution; an attempt to help protect public health and the environment. Over time, environmental law and regulation have changed and grown in response to awareness of the negative impacts that pollution has on society and the planet.

The majority of environmental regulation fits into the category of “command and control.” This category can be further defined by three distinct areas: identifying an activity that has a potentially negative impact, creating parameters that control the activity, and prohibiting any activity that does not comply with those parameters. Industries are most commonly cited for violations of environmental law and regulation because they are most likely to engage in regulated activities. The regulated industries have long argued over the high cost of environmental compliance and do so using the best environmental law firms.

Through the process of environmental due diligence, corporations and lending institutions may discover areas of potential environmental risk and liability. Most often, environmental due diligence is a requirement that is mandated by traditional financing and lending institutions. During the purchase and sale of a commercial property, for example, lending institutions want the best environmental law and risk coverage.

Another example of the high cost of compliance occurs when an entity defends against a claim or violation of state or federal law or regulation. In these instances, the entity’s propensity is to search for the best environmental law firm to represent it. Some important criteria to consider are experience in similar matters, experience dealing with the opposing party or agency, experience in the particular venue, and experience with the particular claims.

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, but its natural resources are vast! The state has many beautiful coastal areas, accessible forested areas, and pristine rivers for recreation. As a result, the best environmental law practices in Rhode Island are equipped to understand the myriad and competing stakeholders.

If you represent a corporation or entity, or you are an individual looking for representation, finding the best environmental law resources can be a daunting task. An internet search might lead you to the state and federal government environmental agency websites, which include information on air, water, fisheries, enforcement and compliance, and site remediation, to name a few. Clearly, there is an overwhelming amount of information available on assuring compliance with environmental laws.

By not hiring the best environmental law attorney, you run the risk of getting bad legal advice, missing deadlines, being the subject of an enforcement action and/or litigation matter, and being denied a project approval, among others.

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